Traditional Telephone Systems & VOIP Packages

We can offer advice, installation and maintenance on many different phone systems including advanced VoIP platforms.

Traditional Telephone Systems & VOIP Packages

We specialise in supplying and installing a wide range of Traditional telephone systems for small business and small office use. We can offer both new and reconditioned systems from Alcatel, Avaya, Meridian Norstar, Panasonic, Samsung, Siemens /Hicom and many others.

We also offer leasing on all our systems, no matter how large or small.

Please contact our sales team on 0161 300 2523 or email your enquiry: for advice on choosing your telephone system.

Managed Phone Systems - VoIP

IP Voice is a managed IP Telephony (VoIP) system for businesses. Instead of installing an on-site PBX, we provide a managed voice service direct to your offices via high-speed IP connection anywhere in the UK. You pay a small monthly fee for each user which includes all maintenance, upgrades, and access to o our dedicated support team.

For companies wishing to move their IP Telephony, particularly multi sited organisations, our hosted IP voice service can offer significant cost saving as well as increased efficiency from staff members.

We also recommend using VoIP systems as part of a disaster recovery or business continuity strategy

Calls can be quickly re-routed to any PSTN or mobile number in the event of loss of service.

Office Staff

VoIP has design solutions for office and front desk staff with advanced functionality that often increases efficiency and aids collaborative working.

For example:

  • Simultaneous Ring - calls to your desk phone ring your mobile as well, meaning you never miss a call.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook Contacts - one-click to call any contact, and the name of the caller is automatically displayed if in your Contacts list.
  • Intelligent Call Routing - Calls are automatically handled differently depending on whether someone is 'out of the office', 'unavailable' or just 'busy'.

Help Desks and Call Centres

VoIP includes advanced call handing and reporting functionality which is ideal for teams handling inbound customer calls, whether a small help desk or a large call centre.

For example:

  • Automated call distribution means that calls are intelligently sent to members of the team based on a pre-defined policy.
  • Supervisor reporting and wall boards allows instant visibility of performance, as well as monitoring historical trends.
  • Overflow policies to use staff in other offices means that callers should never have to wait long during busy periods.

Mobile Workers

Employees working in remote offices, on-the-road, or at home, have exactly the same functionality as their head office colleagues.

For example:

  • 'One Number' - the flexibility to use any phone or mobile as your office phone. All incoming and outgoing calls use the same number irrespective of which phone you're using.
  • Consistent user experience - staff use the same phones and have the same functionality, wherever they are.
  • For home workers connected via our managed ADSL, all internal calls are free of charge.