Landlines & Business Grade Broadband

The lowest call and line rental rates within the industry and super fast broadband.

Landlines & Business Grade Broadband

We can provide a truly unbiased independent free of charge analysis of your Landline and Broadband communications for your business to ultimately save you money and time but also increase efficiency within your business.

This could mean a simple transfer of calls or broadband services only or a full line rental port including all extensions, line rental and calls/ Data transfer.

Our packages are guaranteed to be best in the industry as we spend many hours every month making sure we are competitive against the whole market. This ensures that you will receive a fantastic deal and a seamless crossover from one provider to another.

We understand that as a business you cannot have any down time on your phone system and we fully understand the implications to your business if you are left for any length of time without a phone system.

We also offer backup systems, 'business continuity' in the event of a line going down through reasons beyond anybody's control. These things do happen and we put in place a full back up system to ensure you can still trade even if the power is cut or the exchange goes down.

Please contact our sales team on 0161 300 2523 or email us at for advice on all our current services and equipment on offer from all the major operators and manufacturers.