GeoTag, Email, SMS & Bluetooth Marketing

Technology and mobile location based marketing campaigns can give you a corporate presence in many ways; We can help you stand out from the crowd.

GeoTag, Email, SMS & Bluetooth Marketing

There are currently many types of marketing initiatives available using technology as the key communication tool to access new potential clients.

For instance, there are email campaigns using databases of email addresses, SMS text messaging promotions and Bluetooth local advertising that can all be very successful if done in the right way and to the right demographic.

Here at Talking Telecoms, we can offer a full detailed marketing campaign using the various technologies available in the market today.

We can combine the latest and most technologically advanced marketing initiatives with traditional formats all designed to promote your product without causing unwanted sales pressure.

All our products are linked to your current promotions or marketing drive and we provide detailed reports on uptake and success rate giving you live updates on how the marketing campaign is running.

Please contact our sales team on 0161 300 2523 or email your enquiry: for advice on all your technologically advanced marketing campaigns.