Federated business partner of the EE4G network.

EE4G has just been voted 'best network' in the UK for reliability and download speeds.

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When you want to use your phone, you simply want the network to work.

We're proud to announce that Root Metrics® have now measured the reliability of the four major UK networks on calls, texts and mobile internet, and awarded EE4G the most reliable network in the country*.

Everyday stuff faster, new things possible

Life can be a rush, and that’s why the speed of 4GEE is so handy. It makes normal things like scrolling around Google maps, checking emails or searching the web pretty much instant. But above all that, it also makes a whole load of new things possible: like downloading HD films on your tablet on the spur of the moment. Streaming live football on your phone. Getting your online banking done on your way home. Playing live multiplayer games online on the bus. Keeping up, winding down or chilling out, 4GEE makes it all that little bit better.


It's the fastest mobile network in the UK

EE4G are going to make sure it always will be.

They are already doubling their 4GEE speeds (making them up to 60Mb/second - that's faster than most people’s fibre broadband at home).

That means a film from the EE film store now takes just three minutes to download instead of 20 minutes on our 3G network.

It's the biggest

They have more masts than any other network, which means great coverage across the UK.

EE4G already covers over 73% of the UK population across 229 towns and cities.

Their engineers are working flat out to make sure we roll out 4GEE to the rest of the UK too.

It's ready for the future

They were the first to introduce 4G to the UK, and their the first to double 4GEE speeds.

And they are constantly improving our network's speed and capacity.

The UK's going to use more and more data in the future. EE4G's network is more than ready for it.


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